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Why Makin’ Smiles Coffee Was Started


             Makin’ Smiles Coffee was started to do just that, make people smile when they sip their coffee.  Everyone likes their coffee a little different.  Some drink it black, some with cream, some with sugar, and some with both.  I used to not like coffee until I tasted fresh roasted specialty grade coffee. My taste buds sang in wonder that coffee could taste so amazing and complex in flavor, while even having some natural sweetness! I never would have known. This fresh coffee I am referring to was not the just brewed fresh. I also don’t mean coffee that was freshly ground and then brewed.  I mean coffee that is from the most recent harvest, freshly roasted, ground, brewed, and enjoyed.  That is fresh specialty coffee at its best! Have you tasted fresh coffee yet?  Unfortunately, most people have not.  That is why I started Makin’ Smiles Coffee, to let coffee lovers and coffee haters alike find pleasure in a wonderful, relaxing, fresh cup of coffee.

The Process – How Makin’ Smiles Coffee Works For You

Makin’ Smiles Coffee believes in creating a high quality specialty coffee that reaches our customers very shortly after roasting.  This is why we roast our coffee once you place your orders.

Coffee begins to lose its unique flavors shortly after roasting.  It is not noticeable at first, but it is noticeable at about a month or two after the coffee has been roasted.  This is why we roast our coffee after you place your order.  We want you to enjoy your coffee at it’s peak!

One reason Makin’ Smiles Coffee is unique is because we are small enough to be able to roast just one bag at a time. In fact, that is all my roaster can roast.  Just one bag at a time. This is impossible for almost every other roaster to do what we do for our customers. Their roasters roast 25 pounds to 100 pounds or more at a time and they have to wait for their batch to sell, which takes time.  You know what happens with time, the coffee begins to lose its fantastic flavors. Each day the coffee sits on the shelf at the store, is one day less of flavor you can enjoy.

When you place your order on MakinSmilesCoffee.com:

  • We will roast your coffee right away.
  • We will grind it for you if needed.
  • We will deliver it to you or have it ready for pickup ASAP.
  • Then your coffee will make you SMILE!

Try a unique coffee today!

“Do you love coffee like we do?”

Meet The Family


Makin’ Smiles Coffee is a Army veteran family owned and operated business.  Our family has just recently transitioned from Colorado  Springs to Louisa and we are excited to start this new chapter in life. We are passionate about great coffee and making you smile! What could be better than that?! We roast our coffee on demand at our house just one bag at a time. We would love to answer your questions and help you pick a great coffee for you to experience.

If you have any questions, please email me at orders@makinsmilescoffee.com and we will reply as soon as possible.




Contact Information

Makin’ Smiles Coffee

887 Hickory Creek Rd 

Louisa, VA 23093