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The Process – Creating a high quality specialty coffee

Makin’ Smiles Coffee believes in creating a high quality specialty coffee that reaches our customers very shortly after roasting.  We believe in fresh made to order roasting. We want you to enjoy your coffee at its peak!

Coffee begins to lose its unique flavors shortly after roasting. it becomes noticeable at about a month or two after the coffee has been roasted. It is recommended to enjoy the coffee within 60 days from the roast date 

One reason Makin’ Smiles Coffee is unique is because we are small enough to be able to roast just one bag at a time. In fact, that is all our roaster can roast is one bag at a time. This is impossible for almost every other company to do. Their roasters roast 25 pounds to 100 pounds or more at a time and they have to wait for their batch to sell, which takes time. The coffee begins to lose its fresh flavors very quickly. Each day the coffee sits on the shelf at the store, is one day less of flavor you can enjoy.

When you place your order on

  • We will contact you to confirm your order, payment, and delivery instructions.
  • We will roast your coffee.
  • We will grind it if needed for no additional charge.
  • We will deliver it to you or have it ready for pickup ASAP.
  • Then your coffee will make you SMILE!